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About our Restaurant

In the spring of 2021 an opportunity to bring a little bit of our hometown flavor to the streets of Houston came knocking on our door. And in March of that year we decided to open up Birria Los Primos - from the kitchen of our family comes this concept which we are so excited to share with everyone. Amidst the uncertainty the last two years have brought it was scary to open our own place but with the support of our family and friends we've succeeded in reinventing a classic Mexican dish into everyones go-to for Birria. We want everyone who is familiar with Birria to feel like they’re back home and to all those who have never tried to fall in love with it. We will continue to serve quality food and offer quality service, that is our main goal and will keep aiming to be better. We love Houston and can’t wait for Houston to fall in love with us.